Dita teaching year 6 under a cedar tree in Dhawa, Nepal, October 2008. Photo: Laxmi Lamichane

Learning Planet Is Now Recruiting Volunteers 

We're looking for volunteers of all kinds. You can join us for just a couple of weeks, or stay for a year. And you don't have to decide how much time you want to commit, until you arrive.

We need Teachers!

If you have teaching qualifications (e.g. a TEFL) we'd love to hear from you.

If you want a change, and you feel like working in a magical environment, please take our QUESTIONNAIRE to see this is for you.

If you have other experience working with children, we'd also be very interested to know more. Please get in touch.

Other Skills we're Looking For

Read about Henrique Te Veiga   Winkel's volunteer experience.

By organizing an event guided by our toolkit, you help urgently spread the word about microfinance so more women like this small business owner can benefit.

IF YOU have expertise in engineering, design or construction, renewable energy, midwifery, water treatment & sanitation, farming, horticulture, plant or food science, or banking & micro finance, we'd be delighted to have you for as much time as you can spare.

No contribution is too little. Just a few hours from your desk at home could help one of our projects get off the ground. But if you can spare a few weeks holiday in Nepal  - even better!

If you have other skills not listed, and if you think you can help our projects, the school, the children or the community at large, please TELL US WHAT YOU CAN DO>

More Ways to Get Involved

Whatever your passion, be it writing, filmmaking, web development, or getting your friends motivated, there is an important role for you to play at Learning Planet.

Blog about us. Engage your bloggers about building schools and giving all kids opportunities. Tell them about LPs projects and solutions to give kids in remote communities the education most of us took for granted. Invite them to share their own experiences, and suggest ideas or new areas of need. Check out our resources for bloggers.

Talk about us on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or yoru faviourite social network. By telling your friends and family about Learning Planet, you can help us change thousands of lives, right now. You can join our Facebook cause, friend us on MySpace, or follow our Twitterfeed @Learning_Planet

Make a video telling us what learning new skills/gaining new knowledge has done for you.  Post it to YouTube and send it to us, so we can share it with our supporters and post it to our blog.

Send a photo of your travels in a developing country, send it to us and tell us about your journey so we can share your passion with others.

Organize a "Friend"raiser: Raise awareness and funds for Learning Planet by hosting a fun event. Learn more and obtain our toolkit, a guide on organizing a successful event.

More ideas on innovative ways to get involved HERE